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About BMC Aggregates, L.C.

Founded December 1, 1982, Basic Materials Corp.was a joint venture between Cedar Valley Corp. and Manatt’s Inc. with the purchase of Waterloo South, Fertile, Yokom, Morgan, Frederika, and Garner Quarries in addition to the Waterloo and Fertile sand operations.

BMC Aggregates, L.C. Corporate Office

In 1984, Basic Materials Corp. acquired Widger Quarry from United Concrete, Inc. enabling us to expand our product line including Class 3 concrete stone. Three years later, Basic Materials Corp. acquired the Raymond, Ahles, and Franta Quarries from Martin Marietta, which increased our Class 3 concrete stone reserves, and provided Class 2 concrete stone for the very first time.

In 1995 Basic Materials Corp. opened the Steinbron Quarry south of Jesup adding to our Class 3i reserves. The following year in 1996 we opened the Waterloo Recycle Site on Airline Highway, where we crush old concrete into a reusable base material. In 2000 the Corporate Office built a new facility in Elk Run Heights. In 2001 Basic Materials Corp. acquired Hawkeye Sand & Gravel which added Sandblast Sand to our product line. In 2003 we opened the Messerrly Quarry near Finchford. In 2007 we officially changed our name to BMC Aggregates, L.C. In 2008 we aquired Zeien Sand & Gravel near LaPorte City.

Basic Materials Corp. prides itself in the advances the company has made since its inception. Basic Materials Corp. has succeeded in expanding reserve holdings through a plethora of effort in obtaining of leasing and purchasing options, augering, coring, and zoning. All of this was possible because of the efforts of our employees in work ethics, customer service, product quality, and the image presented to our valued neighbors, customers, and community.

Our Philosophy

Basic Materials Corp. intends to grow and improve our position in the market place. In order to achieve this, we must continue to emphasize the importance of our customers, neighbors, and community. Our customers need to be provided with quality products and service. Our neighbors need to have a comfortable place to reside. And finally, our community needs our support for it to grow.

Basic Materials Corp. depends on its employees to continue and improve the fine results that the company has produced.