Material Bagging Services

Bagged Sand and Gravel

At our Gilbertville Sand location, we have the necessary infrastructure to dry and package sand and small gravel materials. Our sand products come in three different grades, and all are obtainable with or without the Prevent™ Dust Suppressant.

We also have traction tube bags for sale. Give our Corporate Office a call today at 319-235-6583 to get started. View our Dried Industrial Sand price list for current pricing.

Prevent™ Dust Suppressant

All bagged sand products are offered with or without Prevent™ Dust Suppressant. Prevent™ is an odorless, non-toxic, environmentally safe liquid, specifically designed to control dust levels during the transfer, mixing, and handling of dry materials.  Whenever excessive dust is an environmental problem or health concern Prevent™ is there to reduce the visible and respirable dust generated during dry material handling. More details on Prevent™ Dust Suppressant can be found on our Dried Industrial Sand price list.

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